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Solar,gel or acrylic nails???????

ok so ive never had my nails done before but im getting them done tommorow and idk wat kind 2 get and which 1 is better and also idk wat 2 say like do i tell them that i want a full set or do i tell them that i want 2 get a manicure and acrylics? or wat im very confused and also how much would it cost if i wanted 2 get the tip of my nail blue instead of just plain white? and wats the difference between the 3?

thanksSolar,gel or acrylic nails???????
Don't tell them you want a manicure %26amp; a full set. They are 2 different things. Tell them you want a full set. They will try to sell you on pink %26amp; white (or solar) so tell them that you want regular acrylics with a french manicure with blue tips intead of white.

Solar is the same thing as pink %26amp; white, which is really popular right now because it's natural looking, you don't have to paint them %26amp; they take very little upkeep. Getting them applied %26amp; filled takes longer though. Gel is pretty costly so plain acrylics are the way to go. Acrylics have the lowest price.

When you want them removed, soak them in acetone nail polish remover for about 10 minutes %26amp; the you should be able to remove them easily (better yet, pay the $5-$10 %26amp; have the salon do it for you)Solar,gel or acrylic nails???????
Gel looks better, but is more expensive and more costly.

I do acrylic myself.
Stay natural and look at the hidden dangers to all those nasty chemicals that chicks put on their nails.
gel or acrylics are great
get acrilic

and it depends on the salon for the price
Well I am sorry I can't tell you the difference between the 3, but I would like to give you some friendly advice, go for a manicure and skip the fake nails! They are more trouble then they are worth. You can get a french manicure with your natural nail, and yes they can give you blue tips instead of white, you're the paying customer after all.

If you still get the fake nails, make sure when the time comes to remove them, PLEASE soak them off. Don't listen to people when they say pop them off.
acrylic nails..they are very pretty looking and easy to take care of ,but they are hard to get off so unless u want them long term go with solar

Do any high street shops in UK sell 'Solar Oil' - for stronger nails??

you can buy it online at鈥?/a>


go to a professional nail salon and ask them there.

you can also get it on eBay.

Solar or uv gel nails?

what's the difference? i googled both of them and they kind of look similar. i know fake nails are bad to have but i've been really nervous lately and have been biting my nails, so i want to put them on and give my nails a chance to grow. which would be more similar to this?鈥?/a>

obviously without the bows and stuff, just the basic colors. thanks lotsSolar or uv gel nails?
I just get acrylic. It is great it doesn't damage my real nails at all as a matter of fact when I take them off after the 2 weeks then my real nails are super long. But if you want then gel nails are also really good I got them once. But acrylic will save you some $ they are only like $25.00.

Nails, regular or solar?

i always just do regular, but im considering solar now.

which is better and why?Nails, regular or solar?
I do both but I prefer solar, they stay on better and to me look alot better.
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  • Questions about SOLAR UV GEL NAILS?

    so i'm getting solar uv gel nails done next friday and i have a few questions.

    1. how long until i need to get a fill?

    2. are they really the best kind for your nails?

    3. what is a fair price?

    4. how do you remove them at home? how long will it take?

    5. how much do they charge to remove them usually?

    thanks so much!Questions about SOLAR UV GEL NAILS?
    I've been a nail tech for 7 years now.

    With any fill it's typically recommended to get it done around the 2-3 week mark, depending on how fast your nails grow.

    Any type of nail enhancements are safe for your nails, it just all depends on your nail tech (really watch for safety and sanitation - clean implements, no reusing disposable tools, etc).

    The most I charge for any gel nails is $45 for a set, $30 for a fill.

    The only way you can remove gel that is uv cured is to file them off. This I HIGHLY recommend letting a professional do. You could file too far and damage your real nail.

    This being said, removing nails with just a file could take anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours, depending on the job your nail tech did and how thick they are. If you go to a professional, she/he will probably have an electric file and it would go much much faster. Personally, I charge $15-$20 for removal. I hope this helps!

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    Which is better, and lasts or pink and white nails?

    solar pink !!! i can go sometimes more than 3 weeks....and i clean the restroom at home and type ALOTWhich is better, and lasts or pink and white nails?
    solar pink.

    But it depends on the brand of nail polish.

    Solar nails?

    are they better than gel nails?Solar nails?
    See my response to your last question about this:;鈥?/a>

    What are solar nails?

    i don't get why they cost more or what they are. and also gel nails? anybody know? i know what acrylics are.What are solar nails?
    Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own natural nails.

    Solar nails are similar to acrylic but are made with a slightly different product. They are not extensions like other acrylic nails because they are applied directly to your own natural nail.

    Solar nails are just like a French manicure with all the pampering but without the hassle. They are applied in a two step application. After your nails have been prepared for the application by cleaning and buffing your nails and preparing the nail plate then your solar nail application can begin.

    The first thing your nail technician will do to apply solar nails is to brush on the “white part” of the French nail. Then the next application is the “pink part”, which goes over the “white”. The acrylic is the “pink”.

    Solar nails are the no hassle artificial nails. They do not need to have nail polish so after the pink part is added you are on your way.

    Solar nails do not chip, are long lasting, and also help to strengthen your nails all in a French manicure style. Your nail technician will buff your new solar nails and they will be shiny and ready for anything.

    If you like to tan, solar nails are wonderful as they do not turn yellow as some artificial nails do when you visit your favorite tanning salon.

    Solar nails only need refilled about every 3 weeks. So, they are more convenient and economical than most artificial nails.

    More models and television stars are now using solar nails. They can be applied in less time and last so much longer. These nails are really for ladies on the go. The ease of caring for these nails is incredible. It will be like your own natural nails.

    When you step out with your solar nails you will not have to worry about them lifting off, chipping, or turning yellow. Just care for your hands and nails like always and you will never have a problem. You will be able to do anything that you normally do without worrying about being easy on your artificial nails.

    Your nail technician can explain the great advantages to using solar nails instead of other artificial nails. You will be so pleased with your new solar nails that you will not want to ever use any other artificial nail.What are solar nails?
    Is this true they are actually healthy? Hard to believe

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    theyre a lot less damaging than acrylics.. plus they're a lot more natural looking and feeling.
    Solar Nails is an Acrylic Product marketed by CND (Creative Nail Design). It is easier to apply and stays better (IMHO) than OPI, Tammy Taylor, Backscratchers, etc. If you check around, you should be able to get it at the same price as any other acrylic set, last time I check their pricing was competetive, not excessive.
    i never heard
    solar nails are like acrylics except they don't look as cloudy. very clear. more of your natural color shows through the clear solar powder. the powder is applied to your natural or artificial nail in the same manner as the acrylic powder.

    gel nail are just another type. a little more expensive than the solar. mostly for people with allergies to the other two and it's harder to get off.

    Solar Acrylic Nails?

    What are they? How are they better Acrylic Nails?Solar Acrylic Nails?
    Solar Acrylic Nails are a name brand of acrylic nail. They are made with slightly different chemicals that keep them from yellowing in the sun or when you use a tanning bed. Beyond that they come pre-done in american or french manicures.

    The fact that they do not yellow and do not needed to be painted is supposed to make them much more user friendly and more like real nails. Also they are supposed to hold better as well. I added a couple of links in sources so you can read some more on them.Solar Acrylic Nails?
    Solar nails are similar to acrylic but are made with a slightly different product. They are not extensions like other acrylic nails because they are applied directly to your own natural nail.

    Solar nails are just like a French manicure with all the pampering but without the hassle. They are applied in a two step application. After your nails have been prepared for the application by cleaning and buffing your nails and preparing the nail plate then your solar nail application can begin.

    The first thing your nail technician will do to apply solar nails is to brush on the “white part” of the French nail. Then the next application is the “pink part”, which goes over the “white”. The acrylic is the “pink”.

    Solar nails are the no hassle artificial nails. They do not need to have nail polish so after the pink part is added you are on your way.

    Solar nails do not chip, are long lasting, and also help to strengthen your nails all in a French manicure style. Your nail technician will buff your new solar nails and they will be shiny and ready for anything.
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  • Removing solar (pink & white) nails???

    Does anyone know how to remove or disolve this type of sculptured nail without going back to the salon? I think I heard about acetone/nail polish remover but does anyone know for sure???Removing solar (pink %26amp; white) nails???

    BUt U Gotta soak em a while!Removing solar (pink %26amp; white) nails???
    Are you talking about acrylic nails? If you are, I'm pretty sure you have to go to the nail salon to get the actual nail taken off, but you can remove the polish with remover.

    Solar uv gel nails!!!!! i need to know!?

    iplease tell me eeverything u kno about solar gel nails im getting them next friday. please tell me everything!!Solar uv gel nails!!!!! i need to know!?
    This might help.鈥?/a>

    I have solar (fake) salon nails. whats the best way to take them off besides going back to the salon???

    They sell artificial nail remover at the stores. You have to do ALOT of work to get them off but eventually they come off.

    You soak your hands for like 15 min. then using like 5 emery boards file the A.N. off.I have solar (fake) salon nails. whats the best way to take them off besides going back to the salon???
    i was just in Target tonight and saw a box that was a kit for removing artificial nails in the cosmetics section. i believe that you can buy pure acetone from sally beauty supply if you have one near you and you just soak them for a long time and then melt off. try not to get impatient and use tools to pry them off because they will damage your own nails. you should plan on giving your self a great manicure or just going out for a professional one to make them look better as you are starting to grown your own out / get them restored and healthy again. good luck !I have solar (fake) salon nails. whats the best way to take them off besides going back to the salon???
    well i usually wait like 2 weeks...and then i have to like dig underneath them to get them hurts but it works-ha and it cant be too good for ur nails...umm but for like nails that u just buy in stores they say just use finger nail polish remover and like soak your fingers in it...but i havent tried that, so i wouldnt know if it works....but its pretty easy to i would start with that! :)
    Soak them in acetone.
    soak them in acetone and they'll come off. it'll take a while though.
    Get a little shot glass, put some acetone polish remover in it, put your finger in it and let it soak for a while. It will soften the acrylic then with a medium corse file, file the softened acrylic off a little at a time, then soak it some more and repeat the filing but don't file all the way down to your real nail or it will damage it. Don't file across the nail, file in a downward motion away from your finger tip. It takes a while but it works. When you're finished use a good lotion on your fingers.
    wow... my dad fixes up nail salons so i know the answer.

    soak them in water for a while...they'll be easier to remove
    soak them in nail polish remover for a few minutes, it'll melt them and get really soft, then you can just pull it off [gently].
    soak them in acetone

    Which is best and why.... Solar or acrylic nails?

    neither. i'd rather my real nails be healthy.Which is best and why.... Solar or acrylic nails?
    i prefer solar nails, as they look nice for a longer period of time. polish tends to rub off the ends of acrylic, and the acrylic nails often lift at the edges and pop off easily.

    there are many options available for solar nails - pink and white, colored glitter for the tips, and you can even have nail art applied to solar nails if you like!

    there is a new kind of nails called lite creations, in which the nail is completely sculpted onto your nailbed - no glue! i hear this type is stronger and lighter-weight than acrylic or solar, but it is more costly and few places specialize in it.Which is best and why.... Solar or acrylic nails?
    acrylic...they really help ur nails to grow
    I've had both but I prefer acrylic. Solar nails are more expensive and harder to match the fill when you go to get your nails filled. As a result with the solar nails you tend to have lines from each time you get you nails filled. Ugh!

    What is the difference between acrylic, gel, and solar artificial nails?

    i went to the nail salon today and was going to ask the people there but they were all oriental and didn't speak english very well. they did however do a great job on my nails. i ended up going with the gel nails and it does look great and for $10 more it was well worth it because my sister in law just did my nails in acrylic and they started to pop off in a couple days. however i have no clue what solar nails are and i saw that as an option as well. can anyone clue me in as to the difference of the 3?What is the difference between acrylic, gel, and solar artificial nails?
    Nails according to a seasoned nail professional....ME!

    First things first....I do not recommend going to any nail salon where they don't speak English as their native language. This is not meant to be racist oir anything either. There are a couple of reasons why I said this. Let's say you are having problems with your nails and are concerned with them. How are you going to ask these people an in-depth question that may require the technician to have an advanced knowledge of nails, nail structure, and product chemistry in order to answer your question both thoroughly, and correctly when they can't even understand you in the first place? The people that run these salons most often run what are commonly referred to in the nail industry as 'discount' salons. These are loosely defined as any salon that charges about $20-$25 for a full set of acrylic nails. OK, back to your question...

    - Acrylic nails are made by the tech combining a monomer (the liquid), and a polymer (the powder). The resulting mixture is then applied to your nails either over plastic tips (the easy way, I hate tips!!!), or is sculpted over your nails to create the nail enhancement. The mixture of liquid and powder hardens in minutes through means of an exothermic reaction. Basically, they harden once they are combined together and are exposed to air, and body heat (from your nails). The end result is a long lasting, durable nail.

    - Solar nails. This is simply a term used most commonly by these discount salons to describe what amount to acrylic Pink %26amp; White nails. In short, Solar nails ARE acrylic nails. The only thing different is the colors used during the application. MANY peolple mistakenly believe that Solar Nails are something other than acrylic, They think that these nails are stronger, longer-lasting, non-yellowing, and overall- just better than acrylic nails are. Well, as a licensed nail technician who has been around for many years in the nail industry: I'm telling you the truth. They are acrylic nails. No better, no worse. But, they are acrylic nails either way. Don't be fooled by this misleading term. And don't let anyone tell you they are better than acrylic nails. If they do, then just try this one out on them and see what their response is. Simply ask them ';What makes these solar nails better than acrylic nails?'; I bet they have no idea, because they don't know the answer! They are just going by what other people, and techs have told them. Well, don't believe it. Moving on...

    Gel nails. These are nails which are made from chemicals which are very similar to acrylic nails are made from. In fact, both are from the family of chemicals called the acrylics. The difference is that one is a liquid and a powder that is applied to your nails, and air hardened. The other is a gel - literally. The UV gel is applied to your nails in several thin layers. Each individual layer of UV gel MUST be cured under a UV lamp for 2 minutes. There is NO liquid and powder used ion the application of UV gel nails. Here is a pic of some very high quality UV nail gels in their raw form. This is what you should see being applied to your nails at the salon:鈥?/a>

    Notice the fact that they are NOT a powder? Well, there is a common scam that takes place mostly in the discount salons. You ask for gel nails. The tech then applies liquid and powder to your nails. Remember what that is? You're right, it's acrylic. Excellent. OK, when the nails are finished, sometimes the tech will apply a UV gel topcoat to your nails - if anything at all, and call the end result ';Gel'; nails. The scam is that gel nails always are higher priced than acrylic nails are. Well, in this case, the customer IS getting acrylic nails, but is paying for gel nails instead. Trust me, it happens ALL the time in these places. Some techs will go as far as telling the customer that they are using a ';Powder'; gel on your nails, LOL! Hmmm, Powder gel. Sorry folks. There is no UV gel products on the market with that name. A gel is, um, a GEL. Not a powder. Do not be fooled by this scam. It is VERY common.

    Now, when top of the line gel products are used, and a highly skilled technician applies therm, the result should be a very thin, very glossy and realistic, lightweight nail enhancement. Gel nails are very durable. In your case, yes, you could have them applied over your natural nail as a way to strengthen them instead of lengthen them. However, neither acrylic, or gel enhancements can be cut down to shorten them. Both MUST be filed. Thats just how it is, sorry. BUT, what may make things easier on you is to use real, high quality nail files to shorten them instead of an emery board, if that is what you have been using? A good nail file of about 150-180 grit will remove any excess length in minutes. An emery board will take forever!

    OK, I've gone on long enough. Besides my fingers are now tired from typing, LOL! I hope this helps to answer your questions?

    Best wishes!What is the difference between acrylic, gel, and solar artificial nails?
    This was very helpful and very informative. Is it possible that I can ask you some questions Rachel N. As am in the process of doing my own nails at home.

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    Solar Nails according to a beauty advice website.

    Solar nails are similar to the acrylic nails but they use a different product - usually white or pink acrylic nails. Solar nails often look like a French manicure. Like the acrylic nails, the solar nails also should be refilled every three weeks.

    My input:

    Solar nails are actually acrylic nails made by Creative Nail products. They are pink and white nails.. A lot of nail salons will offer them as solar but NOT use Creative nail products but regular pink and white acrylic. They are not solar nails.

    Pink and white nails are just two colors of acrylic. Pink on the nail beds and white at the tip to look like a permenant french manicure.

    I prefer uv liquid gel nails. They are more flexible than solar nails and look more natural if done right. I also love my gel nails because they NEVER lift. I usually get a fill every 3-5 weeks and my nails grow fast.

    Hope that helps.

    Is it true my solar oil will ruin my arcrylic nails?

    It might. It will let things that might discolor them collect on them. It won't ruin them directly. Acrylic nails are a bit of a health hazard. Have you heard about the people who get sick and even die from them. If you have any health problems, get them off.
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  • Questions about SOLAR UV GEL NAILS?

    Questions about SOLAR UV GEL NAILS?

    so i'm getting solar uv gel nails done next friday and i have a few questions.

    1. how long until i need to get a fill?

    2. are they really the best kind for your nails?

    3. what is a fair price?

    4. how do you remove them at home? how long will it take?

    5. how much do they charge to remove them usually?

    thanks so much!Questions about SOLAR UV GEL NAILS?
    1. Depends on how fast your nails grow. If you've ever had acrylics before, its the same fill in procedure. I am personally due for a fill in about 2 weeks.

    2. I've been told they are better for your nails, supposedly the powders used are stronger than regular acrylic powder. Mine cracked a few times but I think it was because of the person that did them. Usual wear and tear shouldn't damage your nails. I didn't think the extra cost was warranted, especially if I had more breaks at the time.

    3. Solar nails tend to be higher priced because they are using two powders instead of one. I've seen $35-$50. In my area they charge about $5 to $10 more than acrylics for a new set and fill in.

    4. I'll assume they can be soaked off with acetone. I usually let mine grow out.

    5. That price can vary also. I've never had mine removed, just used regular acrylic powder when I want something different.

    Difference between solar and acrylic nails?

    besides the price...Difference between solar and acrylic nails?
    The term Solar nails typically refers to pink %26amp; white acrylic nails. Unfortunately, many people seem to think that solar nails are some new form of nails - something better than acrylic - longer lasting and stronger than acrylic but this is a false assumption since solar nails are acrylic nails. SolarNail is an acrylic product line which was manufactured by Creative Nail Design, now known simply as CND. SolarNail was first introduced in the late 1970's by CND, and was used extensively by nail professionals for many years until newer, and better acrylic technologies were introduced by CND and other professional acrylic nail product companies - at which time it more or less became outdated and many nail techs stopped using it. The SolarNail powders are still available today - as well as some consumer SolarNail products such as CND's Solar Oil and a few other products. But, the original SolarNail monomer (the 'liquid') is no longer available. This was removed from production by CND about a year ago. Thus, if you are told that by a nail tech that they are using CND SolarNail acrylic liquid and powders, they are not being truthful with you. True, they may be using CND SolarNail powders, but they are not using SolarNail liquid since it is no longer available.

    OK, enough of the technical trivia, LOL!

    The bottom line is this - plain and simply stated!

    Solar nails ARE acrylic nails. Period.

    I hope this helps!Difference between solar and acrylic nails?
    Nothing really it is just the price, solar nails are creative nails which are still acryllic nails. That said some people swear by creative products I personally wasnt overwhelmed by them apart from their cuticle oil (solar oil) which is by far the best I've tried.

    Solar Acrylic Nails?

    What are they? How are they better Acrylic Nails?Solar Acrylic Nails?
    Solar is better to get if you like wearing french tip all the time. Its basically white and pink acrylic instead of polish. It lasts longer than reg acrylic nails and doesn't chip because the acrylic gets buffed.Solar Acrylic Nails?
    I hear that solar is much harded and thicker than the regular kind. I prefer the regulars because they are easier to get of if you dont want a fill-in.
    in my opinion i prefer solar nails to don't have to wait for nails to get dry and they are much prettier
    Solar acrylic nails are gel.I don't know how much better they are,but it depends on how hard you are on your hands.Some people can wear gels longer than other people,some can't.

    What is Solar Pink& White nails and please explain.?

    i know that pink and white is the powder for the nails..and solar can be the nails that they have that actually change color with the sunlight ...i'm not sure though....What is Solar Pink%26amp; White nails and please explain.?
    Solar nail is not any Pink%26amp;White nail. It's a acrylic product from CND to make Pink %26amp; White. but after another company bought they changed to Perfect Color Power now. any Pink %26amp; White nail that doesn't have the name CND with solar or Perfect color is NOT solar nail

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    So after removed my solar (fake) salon nails. how do i make them look less crappy without going to the salon?

    since everyone says after you remove them they look super ugly. and for how long???So after removed my solar (fake) salon nails. how do i make them look less crappy without going to the salon?
    After I took mine off they looked really ugly. Because when they (the salon) uses that electric buffer on your nails they are taking some of your real nail off, then you have that glue all over them too. Your nails will probably hurt some too. This is what I did. I soaked them for about 10 min in warm soapy water. then used a soft buffer. I also got some Sally Hansen hard as nails which you can get at Walmart. I found that it made my nails stronger so they didn't hurt as bad, and just kept them polished until they started to look better which was a couple of months.So after removed my solar (fake) salon nails. how do i make them look less crappy without going to the salon?
    you need to re grow them so they are healthy again

    this takes 3 - 6 months to do

    be patient...i bought this nail solution and it works wonders!!!!鈥?/a>
    Buff and file then paint with clear polish.
    good luck! Its a trap so you keep going to the salon, they will look horrible unless you get them done again
    get rid of all excess glue on your nails... and to cover up their ';uglyness'; nail polish works wonders... that's what my mom did after getting fake nails.
    Be very careful with them. Use a good sheer nail polish (like a pale peachy-pink) and then use some Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails. This will look much prettier and will really strengthen your nails. Any time I've ever had my nails done they stayed thin and brittle for a few weeks but taking good care of them really helped!

    What is better acrylic nails or solar?

    what are the pricesWhat is better acrylic nails or solar?
    they are pretty much the same. but, solar nails are newer. they will stay on the same length of time, and grow out just like acrylics. its just your preference whether you like the solar ones or the acrylic ones.What is better acrylic nails or solar?
    What in the world is solar nails? I have acrylic. I have had gel nails, but I still like acrylic better.
    fiberglass full set $30-$35
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  • How can you do a solar one to make it together to a nails and to make a magentics to amke your sicence fair?

    how can you help me with my sicence fair project to make a solar one with a nails to amke it magenticsHow can you do a solar one to make it together to a nails and to make a magentics to amke your sicence fair?
    the best way yuou can get your answer is to visit the library

    ask the librarian for help

    What are Solar Acrilyic NAils?

    Sorry, but that was a really dumb answer. Solar nails are acrylic nails. Nothing diffferent about them. They usually refer to pink %26amp; whites. The discount shops (viet salons) usually call them by this name. Its misleading if you ask me. But yeah, they're just ordinary acrylic nails, only the colors used are pink %26amp; white.What are Solar Acrilyic NAils?
    They are nails but they are solar and they called them acrilyic...;鈥?/a>

    please answer this...

    How do my take out my contacts with solar nails?

    Ok, so i was thinking about gettin my nails done for the holidays, but i wear contacts too. And everytime i get my nails done, i try to take out my contacts and it causes them to rip or makes my contacts seem so irritable as if they're trying to rip. So is there a special way that i can take them out or should i just not get my nails done for the holidays? Also, i usually get my nails done short, but they still rip my contacts and when they grow out, its even worse. So what can i do to prevent my contacts from ripping?? Thanks in Advance =]!How do my take out my contacts with solar nails?
    I have longish nails and when I wear contacts i use the sides of my finger to take them out instead of the points. I've never had a ripping problem or stabbed myself in the eye this way.How do my take out my contacts with solar nails?
    Use your index and middle fingers to take the contacts out but keep them flat on your eye and make a snipping motion. So like, your fingers point up instead of at your eyes and the soft bits touch the eye. If that makes any sense?
    With a solar nail gun I guess, but you should maybe hire a hitman to take out your contacts so that you won't be a suspect, just give him their phone numbers.

    What are the white spots on my solar nails?

    I went to the same nail tech for 12 years and never had a problem of any kind with my nails. I started going to a new nail tech and got solar nails for the first time. I love them except I am getting white spots on them. It doesn't look like a fungus. I never had any problems before so I don't know if it's the new solar nails or if it's the new nail tech. The new tech said it was from me washing my hands too much. I find that hard to believe. His resolution was to go back to the acrylic and polish! Could this be from unsanitary application? Someone please help me!What are the white spots on my solar nails?
    diet deficiencies can cause white nail spots.

    How exactly are solar nails filled?

    after reading some of the other answers about solar vs acrylic nails i don't know that i will get accurate answers but maybe someone actually knows that there is a difference in the 2, not just the colors of the nail. i really am curios about how theyre filled. when theyve grown for about 3 weeks, how do they fill them and still shorten them? eventually the tips grow out, how do they redo the tips? so curious!How exactly are solar nails filled?
    I'm guessing that by ';solar'; you mean a gel enhancement. They are filled much the same way as an acrylic. The back of the product is filed flush with the nail and new product is applied. A back fill (where they actually move the white or color back) that is also done the same as with an acrylic. There are a few different methods for backfills but pretty much the end of the enhancement is thinned down with filing and the white is repositioned with new product. The only difference between the application of acrylic and gel is that acrylic is ';cured'; by mixing the powder and a liquid monomer while the gel is cured by being placed under a UV light. You will definately notice a difference in wear with gel vs. acrylic (they are lighter and more flexible and tend to look more natural) but you shouldn't worry about the application... leave that to your well trained nail tech. :)How exactly are solar nails filled?
    Yes, they file down the free edge and actually place a white gel or acrylic on and build a new smile line (thus looking like the tip). Or if you go to a really cheap salon they will just airbrush the white on. This process is called a backfill.

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    so i went to get my nails filled and they didnt move the tip, they said to do a new tip i had to start over. not what i expected

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    What are UV Gel nails and Solar Nails and which is better?

    I was just wondering. I hate when you get acrylic and then they airbrush the white tip on because I have this idea where I don't like to be able to see the clear acrylic if I turn my hand.

    I wanted something like this:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>What are UV Gel nails and Solar Nails and which is better?
    Only my opinion, but the reason you are getting the white airbrushed on is because you are going to an unskilled tech who doesn't know how to do nails any other way. The white is supposed to be made from white acrylic, and should be white all the way through the nail extension. Tips are easy to do, sculpting is much better looking, but it takes a lot more skill to do it, and do it the right way. I looked at those pics, and I'm sorry, but those nails are a total disaster if I ever saw them. Nothing is good about them. They are way too wide. The white is never supposed to be so far up on the nail as it is in those pics, and the smile line is almost non-existent. A well formed smile line should have a nice, natural looking curve to it which follows the outline of the free edge of the nail. Let me give you a few examples of nails that were done by true nail professionals. This is what you want, not the ones on the pics you posted. Anyway, take a look...鈥?/a>

    (Only one nail, but look at the structure of this nail. I know the person who did this nail, and the others on the page. She is a wonderful tech, and a equally wonderful women. She is exceptionally talented when it comes to doing nails. And yes, these are acrylic nails, no tips. They are sculpted).

    (These are from a talented nail pro located in Canada. She is a highly skilled tech. These nails are UV gel nails. Not the fake gel nails that the cheap salons apply on you which are really acrylic nails, but rather real UV gel nails).鈥?/a>

    (These are not everyday nails. They are competition nails. In nail competitions, they make nails which are very, very thin. So thin that they would never last more than a day with regular use. But really, look at those beauties!).鈥?/a>

    (Same tech as the last pic, but more pics. Select one, click on it and it will be full size).

    Do you see what I mean? All of those nails are fine examples of what Pink %26amp; White nails are all about. They are practically flawless in every way. You will never be able to get the same quality nails in a discount salon. You need to locate a highly skilled nail tech who takes her work seriously, and takes pride in her work. That is something the discount salon techs don't offer.

    UV gel nails are always made from gel. This may sound rather obvious, but you would be amazed at how very many people believe that gel nails are made from liquid %26amp; powder. hat is because so many people go to the discount salons to have their nails done. They offer very low prices, and fast service. But, you get what you pay for. And a $20 full set is never going to look anything like the nails I just showed you. The techs in the cheap salons are typically poorly trained and unskilled. That is why they take the easy way out such as using an airbrush to paint the white on. That just isn't how its done, sorry.

    Find a good tech, and your worries of seeing the clear underneath your nails will be gone forever.Once you find a well qualified, and talented tech, stick with her. There are a lot of very talented techs, but you need to look for them.You will not find them in a cheap salon. They work for themselves a lot of times, and others are employed in high end salons and spas across the country.

    Oh yeah, solar nails. Another discount salon term. These people will sit there and tell you all about solar nails and how great they are. hey will say things like solar nails are not acrylic but something better. They don't tell you what, they just tell you that they are better than acrylic nails. They say solar nails don't yellow, and last longer and are stronger than acrylic nails are.

    OK, now for the simple truth about solar nails. Don't believe them for even a moment. rust me when I say that solar nails ARE acrylic nails. They are nothing new, they are not any better or worse, they are not stronger, or better for your nails.

    Solar nails = acrylic nails. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    I hope this helps...
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  • Which nails are better? gel nails, solar, or just acrylic?

    which nails are better that i should get from the nail place?Which nails are better? gel nails, solar, or just acrylic?
    Hi, I am a cosmetologist and I don't think that one is any better than the other. It really depends on what you do on a day-to-day basis, how long you have to get your nails done, and how much you are willing to pay. For example, if your hands get wet a lot, acrylic is the wrong way to go because water can get trapped under the acrylic and weaken your nails. I personally like gel nails the best, but that is just me. Talk to your nail tech and ask her what he/she thinks would be best for you. Hope this helps!Which nails are better? gel nails, solar, or just acrylic?
    One is not better than the other. What matters is the technician applying the overlay. If you choose to go to a budget nail salon then you will get inferior work and damaged nails.

    Ask around and find a reputable salon with a licensed nail tech that uses quality products like Creative Nail Design, OPI or Tammy Taylor.

    Solar Nails ???

    What are these ? Are they the same thing as acrylic nails, better or worse ?Solar Nails ???
    They are not the same things as acrylics...they are better, if you are really hard on fake nails then solor is the way to go especially if you wash dishes and stuff like that, and have your hands in water alot, they don't come off so easy!Solar Nails ???
    i think anything is better than acrylic. but i think the solar nails change color in the sun

    Solar Nails?

    Hey, I'm a 16 year old guy. My girlfriend had gotten me acrylic nails when we had a backwards day up at our school. I ending up liking them and I told my girlfriend this and she was cool with it. I kept them on and recently I went with my girlfriend and got solar nails (she wanted to try solar nails) just like her, she said she liked that we matched. Is it ok that I like these nails. Also here is a picture of exactly how they look: Nails?
    I think men with long nails are creepy, but if you like them then go for it. However, you won't like it when you see how your natural nails look underneath. They'll be pretty much ruined for a good six months after you take them off.Solar Nails?
    It's great that you like them! I'm a nail tech and I use Creative Nail products (Solar Nail) I love the product. I looked at your pic and I think they look really nice!

    Solar nails.................?

    i bite my nails, but lately i've begun to stop.. but my nails are still pretty short. in order to get solar nails, does it matter how long or short your nails are? should i let mine grow a bit before getting them? thanksSolar nails.................?
    i think u should let your nails grow out before trying to do any designs. when you go to the nail shops, they'll decide if your nails should be shorter if your nails are long.

    If your nails are too short, you have nothing to work with.

    can u add a picture of the solar nails.

    i would like to see the designs =)

    Do Solar Nails help you to stop biting?

    I bite my nails and it is really hard to stop. My friend told me about these fake nails (she didn't know about the name) and that it really hurts when you bite them. She described them as a white thing that goes on your nails and then this pinkish clear stuff goes on top. Are these ever Solar Nails? Would they help me stop biting? Do they ruin my nails? Are they pretty? More expensive than Acrylics? What is the difference between Acrylics and Solars? Thanks for the help. And please answer intelligently! HINT: I would prefer a nail person answer! But if you know, feel free! Thanks!Do Solar Nails help you to stop biting?
    I was a hardcore nail biter when I was a teenager. Let me straight up tell you that nail polish with fresh garlic put in it, or the store-bought bitter nail polish does NOT work. A desperate biter will get past the taste. I did.

    It does sound like you described acrylic nails. I haven't gotten solar nails yet (I was actually thinking about getting them next week). I've had acrylic nails on for about 9 months now. I really enjoy them. I like the way they look and they are extremely sturdy. My nail tech uses colored acrylic for the tips so I don't have to worry about the nail polish chipping. There is none! If I get nervous, I can sort of ';chew'; on the thumb nail if i HAVE to. They're really strong and it won't break the nail. They say that if you continually wear acrylics or artificial nails for a long period of time, that it can damage how your nail grows, but I have friend who've had them for years and haven't had any problems.

    Price: Acrylics cost about $40-45 for a brand new set and about $15-20 for a refill. I think the solors are around $50 for the full set. I'm not sure about refills though.

    Good luck!!!!Do Solar Nails help you to stop biting?
    The nails your friend described sound like acrylics

    Solar nails are healthier for your real nails, and are faster than acryllics and last longer.

    If you are having problems biting your nails and would like to stop, there are products out there that you brush on your nails like polish and tastes really bitter, which will discourage you from biting.
    just cut off your fingers duh

    Solar nails change your opinion of someone?

    Do you think of some one differently if they have fake/solar nails?

    I LOVE getting my nails done but I feel like it doesn't go with my style and maybe it makes me look a little stuck up or something.

    Maybe i'm being silly!Solar nails change your opinion of someone?
    I'm kind of like that too...I hate getting my nails done, though! haha. But I like the way nice, freshly-painted nails look.

    I think that if getting your nails done, and having nice nails makes you feel good, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!

    When you look good, you feel confident and radiant, which makes you look even better! Haha.

    Personally, I think it depends on the person, and on the nails.

    Like, if you get the normal-length, plain/solid color, or like, a french-manicure type thing, then it looks classy and sophisticated.

    But if you get like, long, spider nails in bright orange with a heart and rhinestones and bling up the wazoo or something, then it looks trashy.

    Also, it depends on the person. Like, this is what I think you are, from what you say: If the person is sweet-natured, intelligent-sounding and dresses classy, (not hollister, or whatever name brand), then it adds to the classiness and elegance, and just polishes off the look.

    If the girl is that hollister-wearing, loud-mouthed, in-your-face type of person, then it looks like they're just trying to impress people, and just doing it to fit in, or be 'cool'. They just look stuck-up and really high-maintenance, which no one likes.

    It's weird, though. I grew up with my dad constantly yelling at me for having chipped nail polish. He always says ';Your mother always has nice nails. That's what first attracted me to her.';

    Which is slightly odd... but since I grew up in that kind of logic, I was taught that nice nails are a sign of class and sophistication.

    But like, when my mom had cancer, and her hair and nails got really weak and brittle and falling from the chemo, she had fake nails for awhile...but she did the acrylic kind, where they paint the hard stuff on your nail.

    And she dressed nicely, and it looked really great on her.

    So I guess that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if it's something that makes you feel good, and feel pretty, then don't let anyone's crazy opinion stop you! I've heard there's nothing more empowering and mood-lifting than a great manicure, or a great haircut. =)

    So you go, girl! haha.

    Also...I feel stupid asking this...but could you tell me what 'solar nails' are? HahaSolar nails change your opinion of someone?
    No if it made you feel good having your nails done just do it and don't worry about what anyone think it they problem not your. Have fun gf.
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  • Solar nails and paint?

    Just had solar nails put on yesterday...and as known, they don't require painting at the finish...they're just mearly buffed for the shine.

    My question is...if I get tired of the ';french manicure'; look in a week or so, can I paint over my solar nails? And if so, can the fingernail polish then be removed at a later date?

    Thanks for your advice!Solar nails and paint?
    Yes you can polish the nails. Yes you can use polish remover.Solar nails and paint?
    yes you can but it won't stay long

    Gel nails or solar nails? plis help asap!?

    so right now i have acrylic tips with solar over them. they lift easily and it cost me $50 to put them on. ive had them done twice solar nails both times. but i wanted to know if gel nails were better.

    ive never had gel nails done, and need to get my nails done asap tomorrow. someone please tell me which is better and why, and which is cheaper thanxGel nails or solar nails? plis help asap!?
    What's cheaper? Growing and polishing your own nails.

    Can u paint solar nails ?

    I have no idea but my gf is a cosmetologist and she says you can paint them as long as they are cured (they are UV cured). but she recommends a polish without formaldehyde in it such as OPI or Essie. she says that people just don't usually paint them because the purpose of them is to have a clear nail (but the paint will work just fine on them).

    Solar nails..?

    Well my solar nails are coming off.. are there any tricks to make them less rough and gross afterwards? I hate how they feel now!! Brittle and ugly. HELP.Solar nails..?
    put clear polish over them, see if it feels better

    answer mine plz;鈥?/a>

    Solar Nails vs Pink & White?

    What is the difference between Solar Nails %26amp; Pink %26amp; WhiteSolar Nails vs Pink %26amp; White?
    Different places go by different definitions.

    Both ';Solar Nails'; and ';Pink %26amp; Whites'; offer the appeal of ';permanent'; French tips that won't chip or turn yellow.

    The difference, for the most part is that Solar Nails don't HAVE to be pink/white, they're whatever color the acrylic used to sculpt them is. My friend has hers done with silver glitter acrylic and it's not nearly as cheap and stupid looking as it might sound.

    Pink %26amp; Whites, though, at the salon I go to are just that...white tips filled in with pink acrylic, buffed smooth and covered in a heavy gloss finish.

    Solar nails ???

    what is the difference in acrylic %26amp; solar nails ?Solar nails ???
    The two are similar and different in different ways. Here's some examples:

    Acrylic Nails:

    Acrylic nails are the strongest and last the longest of all the nail overlays. But, if it's not done well, these nails can look thick and very artificial. Find a manicurist who is an expert at applying acrylic nails, and you can get a very thin, natural-looking nail. They usually need to be filled in every two to three weeks as your nails grow, but depending on how hard you are on your nails, you may need to see the manicurist sooner to avoid nail loosening, which can lead to mildew if water gets trapped underneath. And, if a professional removes them properly, the acrylic nails should cause little weakening to the nail plate. One factor that might make you choose acrylic: It is the most commonly-used artificial nail; if you travel a great deal, it will be easier for you to find a place to repair or fill in your manicure.

    Solar Nails:

    Solar nails are similar to a French manicure and applied in a two-step process. The white tip of the nail is applied first, followed by the application of the pink part of the nail. Solar nails are chip-free and long lasting, needing to be refilled every three weeks. Benefits of the solar nails are that they do not turn colors or turn to gel when under the lamps of a tanning bed. Plus, they do not need to dry, which makes them more convenient.

    Your nail technician can explain the great advantages to using solar nails instead of other artificial nails. You will be so pleased with your new solar nails that you will not want to ever use any other artificial nail.

    I hope I was of help to you

    If you have any questions about my answer please feel free to email me at

    -AllissaSolar nails ???
    one solar one acrylic lol
    Solar wont yellow when you fake tan I know that
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  • Solar nails?

    Does every nail tech know what Solar nails are?

    Cuae I want to get my nails done but I don't want to go in there and ask for solar nails and have them not know what they are.

    Also How much do they cost?

    My nails are short (not to short)

    because I recently cut them.

    Can I still get my nails done?

    Thank you :)Solar nails?
    I'm pretty sure they all know what solar nails are. you can def. get them even if your nails are short, and the price ranges, but it's usually around 80

    Solar nails?

    What are solar nails? Are they like acrylic nails?Solar nails?
    Solar nails are a type of nail enhancement that uses different chemicals than acrylic nails, and is applied directly to your own natural nail, like a gel overlay.Solar nails?
    i've never heard of solar nails, only acrylic and gel nails. are you in australia? or somewhere else? do you have gel nails?
    they pick up UV rays and filter into the color for it to have more shine
    nails that change with the temperature. They are like made out of plastic and can change colors if you take a cold or hot bath or are in the sun on snow.
    nails from solar

    Solar nails?

    okay... so I've heard they're better and the next best thing to your real nail and such, but I just don't understand them... can someone explain this to me? everywhere I've read said they're not extensions of your nail because they're applied directly to it. so does that mean it's not any longer than your natural nail? and if it is how is htat any different than other fake nails? and how does it not lift off like the rest? everything you can tell me about them please... I'm soooo confused!Solar nails?
    I think they generate electricity from teh sun so you can fight global warming with your fingersSolar nails?
    ok.... solar nails are basicly you getting acrylics done. they glue a plastic nail at the end of your natural nail %26amp; can cut it down to the length that you desire. so yes you are getting length to ur nail. then they buff the plstic down until it blends into your natural nail. once that is done they use the SOLAR acrylic powder %26amp; apply that all over ur nail. solar acrylic is made by creative nail i believe. its suppose to be better bcuz unlike most acrylic it does not have dental bonding in it. once the acrylic is on %26amp; dried the nail tech then goes over it to make sure there is no bumps. i do all my acrylics by hand (no drills) so i use a medium grit file. after that we buff to make them smooth %26amp; then wash %26amp; apply color. this process take about a hour (done by hand, drill is a little faster) %26amp; costs anywhere from $30-$60 for a full set. a ';fill'; should be done every 2 weeks to keep them looking nice %26amp; prvent any lifting. a fill can range from $15-$25. hope this helped!
    Solar nails is pretty the same thing as a normal full set is.. ecept they would use solar acrylic on your nails... ok this is how we do it..

    first we would put tips on...( 3 options.... french...american... and regular....) french tips are really white... american is duller than the french like ivory color and regular are just clear... we would glue it on to your original nail's tip.. then we wouls ask for your desired lenght... cut it and use the drill and drill where the fake tip and your original nail meet to smooth it.. then we would apply the acrylic over the whole nail... then file/ drill to smooth/ then buffer really good... then we would apply this power ontop of your nails.. it looks pinkish like.. and use a drill buffer and buff that power all over your nails.. this is the shine part.... after all that.. just wash your hands and you're done.. unlike a regular full set where we polish clear ontop... solar is original clear.. it lasts longer since there is no polish on and it stays shiny. lifting depends on the nail tech.. if they ar good and use good product.. it would last a very long time... just remember to get your refills and you are good to go..
    your hot

    Houston,TX.Solar nails?

    Do you know a place where they do solar nails in houston/sugarland for little amount of money?Houston,TX.Solar nails?
    There's plenty of places around the mall area/ HWY6 that will do for like $22. There's a nail shop by U of H that will do for $20 called Best Nails.Houston,TX.Solar nails?
    there is a nail place in gulfgate mall parking lot by wing-stop (i Forgot the name) but they charge 20 for solar nails and a Vietnamese girl name tracie does them great! i don't know if you live close or far from their. eyebrows are 5 dollars for both!
    Hi. A great site to look for this sort of thing with customer comments is You鈥檒l be able to search by your city and hopefully get enough choices of places which will make it easy to make a decision.

    Good luck.

    Can i get colored SOLAR nails??

    right now i have regular pink %26amp; white solar nails, but i think i want a color this time. i know that they have colored ACRYLICS, but i was wonderin if, since they use that powder stuff, can u get colored SOLAR nails??if so, how do they do them??do they just use colored powder??Can i get colored SOLAR nails??
    professionally speaking there is no such thing as solar nails the word solar comes from the manufacturer of CND nails because they have a cuticle oil called solar... what you have a acrylic nails... they ONLY call them solar nails because you may be going to a Non Standard Salon (non english speaking) and in order for them to make customers think they are getting a name brand acrylic that is legal they change the name to ';Solar Nails'; but you probably didnt want to hear that... anyways to answer your question yes you can but chances are if you're going to a salon that doesnt speak english they are not going to know what you are talking about... so i would suggest going to a professional nail salon to get the service you are looking for even though its the same process as regular acrylics...hthCan i get colored SOLAR nails??
    Many Wal-Mart Nail Salons have colored Solar nails.. you can't change colors without removing your nails as the color is in the nails.. but I make mine change my colors and itis wonderfull watching the shades change from pink to red each treatment...

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    whats up
    i think solar powered nails save energy.
    Yes, of course. I've been getting colored solar nails for the past 2 years. They're very easy, and MUCH prettier (compared to plain french). My nail technician has ALL kinds of colors: red, blue, pink, yellow, green, gold, black, brown, grey, silver, light colors, dark colors, sparkly ones, and dual ones. It's the same process as regular solar nails except with colored powder.
    wtf are solar nails?
    No I think you can only get solar nails in the french colors only with the french tip but ask your nail salon.

    Gel Nails, Solar Nails, and Acrylic Nails???????? Girls!?

    Has anyone of you ever had gel nails or solar nails? I have heard that they are better than Acrylic nails because they dont pull off your real nails is this true and which ones would you get. Thank You :0)Gel Nails, Solar Nails, and Acrylic Nails???????? Girls!?
    I get gel nails often. They look more natural than acrylic nails and don't yellow either. Its more expensive than acrylic but I think its well worth the extra money! They don't lift off your nails as easily either. I've heard about the solar nails but never had them. They are supposed to be better than acrylic nails but are also more expensive. I'm pretty sure they are basically pink and white nails made with something that's stronger and longer lasting than acrylic. Give them a try. Maybe you'll like them?Gel Nails, Solar Nails, and Acrylic Nails???????? Girls!?
    Acrylic are still good even though they pull off your real ones cause they last alot longer. =]
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  • Questions about solar nails??????

    how much do they cost?

    Can u get them done at a regular nail salon?

    do they ruin your nails?

    any more input on your thoughts of them would be great!! i was thinking about acrylics, but from what i hear these sound better.Questions about solar nails??????
    well it depends where you live, and where you go. and yes you can get them at any nail salon. they kinda want you to get solar nails because its more expensive. i pay from 30-45 bucks for solar nails. getting any kind of nails ruins your nails anyway they have to file down your nails to smooth them out but they become very thin. but honestly i think solar are much better cuz the last longer.Questions about solar nails??????
    I have never heard of Solar Nails can you explain them to me please? I have had acrylics.

    Ideas for solar nails?

    heeeyyy gorgeouses well for my sister's wedding im getting well..practically a salon day lol, so first my nails done (solar/arcrilic) watever, and then eyebrows and lip waxed, and then a pedi, but for my nails i usally ALWAYS have them like the french tip..this is actually my first time this summer not to have any fake nails on! so i decided to do the french tip again, but this time i want a cute cute design on it! soo...if you will, find me some links to fake nails painted fun or cute (but w/ the french tip) ? thank yoo!!!Ideas for solar nails?
    wellllll...hmmmm...what kind of dress are you wearing? is there a design on there you could pick out and put on your nails? like a little flowery pattern you could have then copy off your dress and put on your nails?

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    What are solar nails?

    don't call me stupid or anything like that.What are solar nails?
    if your talking about like the nails place then they have this uv acrylic they call solar nails

    answer mines plzzzzzzzz =);鈥?/a>

    Gel nails or solar nails?

    which nails are better gel nails or solar nails? cuz im going to bvaybrook malls IMAGE NAILS to get my nails done and i want to know which ones are better and which have a better result and last longer and have shine all da time i mean more shine gel or solar and lasting longer please rite answers cuz im getting them done on saturday so hurry please i need ur helpGel nails or solar nails?
    First of all, Solar Nails ARE acrylic nails. The products used in their application are exactly the same. This is a term used by 'discount' salons to make you think that you are getting some new, and better type of nail. You are not. Generally, Solar Nail refers to the standard Pink %26amp; Whites (Forever French). Instead of using one color of acrylic, they will apply a white powder to form the extension, hence the name Pink %26amp; Whites.And P%26amp;W's have been around a long time now. They are nothing new.

    Are they better than gel nails. Well, that depends on how you define 'better.'

    When top of the line gel products are used, gel nails are non-yellowing, non-toxic, odorless, they look more natural, they are more flexible than acrylics, and less prone to cracking, breaking, and lifting, and they have a very high shine to them.

    Gel 101: Gels are not powder, ever. They are gels. And gels have a hair styling gel consistency to them. They are available in a wide variety of colors, and shimmers.

    Gel nails are applied one layer at a time. There are usually anywhere between 2-4 layers of gel applied to each nail. Each and every layer must be individually cured under an Ultraviolet lamp for about two minutes before the next layer can be applied. Once the nail has been formed, a UV gel sealer or a UV finishing gloss is applied and cured as well. The result is a beautiful nail - IF you have a tech who is experienced, and highly skilled in doing gels - and who uses the best products available. This is important. There are cheap junk gels on the market. DIscount salons typically use these. The cheap gels are nothing but problems.

    The difference between acrylic nails, and gels is this. Acrylic nails are applied with a liquid, and powder(s). There is no UV lamp involved.

    Gel nails are just as I described already. If a tech is supposed to be giving you gel nails, and the tech uses ANY liquid and powder, you are getting acrylic nails. Period. Gel nails NEVER have any liquid %26amp; powder used in their application. Ever. Don't let the tech try to fool you into thinking that you are getting gel nails if this happens. This is a common scam in the discount salons, where they give you acrylic nails, then apply either a cheap UV topcoat, or a UV gel topcoat, and then they will call them gel nails, and charge you the much higher price for gel nails. These are NOT gel nails. They are acrylic, no matter what the tech tells you. Don't fall for this scam. It happens all the time. BTW, a discount salon is the typical Walmart, or mall type of nail salon, where a full set of acrylics cost between $15 and $25, no appointment is needed, and there is a huge language barrier between you, and them. These are the places that will ruin your natural nails more often than not by using a Dremel drill on them, and filing them paper thin, usually causing much pain either during, or after they are done applying the nails. Nail services should NEVER hurt in any way, ever. And a Dremel drill is NOT for use on nails. In many states, it is illegal to use one of these on your nails, but they use them anyway). If this is the type of salon you are planning to go to, I would suggest reconsidering, and finding a better place to have them done at. If you go through with it, you'll know why I suggested this after you leave there, and your fingers are in a lot of pain.

    Also, gel nails cannot be soaked off. Only acrylics can be removed that way.

    Hope this helps.Gel nails or solar nails?
    I think this answer was right in the money in an informative and right to point kind of way. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I'm sure there are many girls out there who have no knowledge when it comes to nail services and what to expect. This answer can definitely benefit them. Thanks :)

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    It's actually between solar or acrylic. Solar last longer. Solar is when they use the powder and lay it on top of your nail. Solar is usually $40- double of acrylic.

    Gel is just a coating you can put on top of either acrylic or solar nails. It is like a clear protectant. However, some people don't like it because it makes your nails thicker.

    I'd personally go with solar pink and white with no gel.
    Gel is okay. It's strong but not as shiny. I would go with solar, they last longer, have some SERIOUS shine and don't change color from tanning beds. I have gotten both and I prefer Solar. They are more shiny and they are pink and white usually instead of gel which is sometimes off white.

    Acrylic nails, solar nails?


    I've gotten solar nails before from my salon, but usually they are just white tips. I was wondering, if you want them like black or pink or something, do you ask them and then they'll paint them for you? Or is there another name for them?

    Thanks.Acrylic nails, solar nails?
    yes you tell your nail technician what or how you want your nails to look and if they have the tools or colour for that matter then they will to suit your needs some nail techs have different colour tips some might just paint Acrylic nails, solar nails?
    what are solar nails?
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  • For filling solar nails...[please help?]?

    i understand how they fill the pink, by just putting more up near your cuticles? but how do they fill the white? like the salon near me, you can either get pink AND white fill or just pink fill. i dont get it..where do they put more white..? kind of a weird question, i know, but ..please help? ';/For filling solar nails...[please help?]?
    It's used for a ';french'; manicure look, w/ the white on the tip, to fill that in (longer lasting smile line than air brush) as well as filling the base in pink.

    I found an interesting discussion about solar nails at Nails magazine (link below) . Check out the comments about filling both white %26amp; pink.

    ';..once your white grows off the free edge we would file that down and replace the white so that it meets the free edge again..';

    Solar nails?

    I was wondering anyones opinion about solar nails? wondering how much more they cost than regular artificial naills and how much better they look and how much longer they last especially because i tan...Solar nails?
    i love them nails been wearing them since 1997 i get a new set every 2months and i pay 35 dollars and my refills are only 20 dollars . An the way my nail tech does them i only have to go back for refills for month so that when i start over with a new set or she tells me i don't need one. Its better to get solar nails so that u don't have spend extra on regular acrylic nails for a french manicure style that takes over 30 minutes to dry . Your nails with solar nails look like a normal french manicure and look natural. It's worth itSolar nails?
    I switched from regular acrylic to solar nails 3 years ago and fell in lover with them. Although now I switched to Pink %26amp; White acrylic gel nails and I love them the best! They're only ideal though for the french tip style. Not if you like changing colors often.

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    OK I am a nail tech. Solar is no different then regular acrylic God honest truth solar nails is a brand and i swear that most places that say they have solar do not. If you really want solar ask them to see the original containers if they wont, save the 5-10 dollars extra and use it something else.
    It's been a few years since I had them. But actually I'm going to start having my nails done again. Cost may be regional. I think mine are going to cost $30 or $35 for a set. and I think fills are $25. So yah, they are more expensive. BUT, they are GORGEOUS! And very strong. So yah, I'd recommend them. Good luck!
    Solar Nails is a brand name. It is by Creative Nail Design. Their original acrylic was called Solar Nails.

    I've been doing nails professionally for over 15 years and Creative Nail Design is the only acrylic line I use. They have the best on the market. I have no lifting and no problems with it ever!

    If a nail salon is advertising Solar Nails I would venture to say that it's just a gimmick. Any legitimate nail technician wouldn't advertise that because that isn't what it's referred to anymore. Ask to see the containers. If they can't produce them then that's not what they are using.

    I charge $50 for a set in So. California. Cost depends on where you are located.
    just a couple q's what the **** r u talking about? I have no idea what solar nails are and why would anyone tan?

    I got solar nails 2 weeks ago................?

    They still look great and I love em, however I wont be able to afford to go every month to make em look good all the time, Anyone know how to keep them nice looking as they grow out, can they be trimed? and how? Thanks =))I got solar nails 2 weeks ago................?
    I never heard of this, I hope someone answers so I can learn more.I got solar nails 2 weeks ago................?
    Solar Nails are a brand of acrylics marketed by CND (Creative Nail Design). Once you have a set, you should get them filled every two weeks. If you can get the product, you can learn how to do it yourself, but it takes a bit of practice to get it right. If you have a set of Pink and Whites, you also need to have the smile line back filled every 4 to 6 weeks. Trimming acrylic nails is not advisable, get a 180 grit file.

    What are solar nails?

    i recently went to the salon and iwanted acrylic french manicure nails. she said yuo can have white tip orsolar... what are solar nails??What are solar nails?
    they r pretty much the same thing...they are thicker...but honestly i had either or for like a year and my nails were so thin afterr they were fallling off and breaking constantly. but they are very pretty so idk what to tell you it is so much easyer just to grow them out and hav then paint your nails french. but i understand were u r coming from.What are solar nails?
    Some people get solar nails because they go tanning alot. If you get regular nails and go to the tanning bed it will turn your nails yellow. Solar nails will keep this from happening. Hope this helps

    Anyone have solar nails?

    I was thinking about acrylic nails, but a friend told me about solar nails. I want to see what other people think about them. Do you like them? How often do you have to have them filled? Anyone have solar nails?
    Definitely go with solar, the are so much better i cant believe it! I used to get acrylic all the time, but I decided to get solar cuz the guy said they look mor natural and the acrylic looked like crap after a week...anyways I love solar nails, they still looked great after 4 weeks, I get them filled like every 5 weeks. They are worth it and so much better than acrylic!

    REAL solar nails in houston, texas?

    i have been getting what i thought was solar nails... but ive started to read about them and how nails salons fake their products. does anyone know of a salon in houston texas that actually does what they are supposed to do instead of saying they have solar nails when they dont?

    please. please. please.REAL solar nails in houston, texas?
    srry..dont know..

    wat does it matter??
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  • I have Solar acrylic overlay on my nails - can they be filled with regular acrylic ?

    Solar Acrylic is just a brand name. You can have them filled with a different acrylic. The color might be a little different but if you polish you won't notice.I have Solar acrylic overlay on my nails - can they be filled with regular acrylic ?
    Solar nails ARE regular acrylic, so the answer is 'yes' you can...

    What are solar nails?

    what are they're there guds and bads? what are they? i dont care how much they cost cause im getting them and i just want to know what kind they are. ive heard they are the best onesWhat are solar nails?
    Solar Nails

    Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own natural nails.

    Solar nails are similar to acrylic but are made with a slightly different product. They are not extensions like other acrylic nails because they are applied directly to your own natural nail.

    Solar nails are just like a French manicure with all the pampering but without the hassle. They are applied in a two step application. After your nails have been prepared for the application by cleaning and buffing your nails and preparing the nail plate then your solar nail application can begin.

    The first thing your nail technician will do to apply solar nails is to brush on the “white part” of the French nail. Then the next application is the “pink part”, which goes over the “white”. The acrylic is the “pink”.

    Solar nails are the no hassle artificial nails. They do not need to have nail polish so after the pink part is added you are on your way.

    Solar nails do not chip, are long lasting, and also help to strengthen your nails all in a French manicure style. Your nail technician will buff your new solar nails and they will be shiny and ready for anything.

    If you like to tan, solar nails are wonderful as they do not turn yellow as some artificial nails do when you visit your favorite tanning salon.

    Solar nails only need refilled about every 3 weeks. So, they are more convenient and economical than most artificial nails.

    More models and television stars are now using solar nails. They can be applied in less time and last so much longer. These nails are really for ladies on the go. The ease of caring for these nails is incredible. It will be like your own natural nails.

    When you step out with your solar nails you will not have to worry about them lifting off, chipping, or turning yellow. Just care for your hands and nails like always and you will never have a problem. You will be able to do anything that you normally do without worrying about being easy on your artificial nails.

    Your nail technician can explain the great advantages to using solar nails instead of other artificial nails. You will be so pleased with your new solar nails that you will not want to ever use any other artificial nail.What are solar nails?
    The term SolarNail goes back to the late 1970's, when a company called Creative Nail Design first introduced an acrylic product line with that name. CND is still making the SolarNail line of acrylic products, but has discontinued making the original SolarNail liquid. CND has kept up with technology, and has a new, and complete line of acrylic and gel products, and also make a line of manicure, and pedicure products as well. CND was the first nail company to manufacture acrylic products, and is still the biggest, and one of the best nail product companies in business today.

    Today, the term 'Solar Nail' has been used by what we call 'discount' salons, often leading customers to believe that they are getting some kind of new, and improved nail enhancement. This is not true.

    Generally, when the term Solar Nails is used, it is referring to Pink %26amp; Whites (Permanent, or Forever French) nails. These are acrylic nails. The are made from the same acrylic as any other acrylic nails. The only difference would be that a white powder may be used for the nail extension (hence, Forever French), though not always - a white tip is sometimes used in place of the white powder. This is nothing new - P%26amp;W's have been around for a number of years now. I see it as nothing more than a way of making more money on the same old nails. They just changed the name, but everything else is still the same.

    For some information on acrylic nails, and MMA as well, follow this link:…

    For your other questions: Acrylic nails don't 'wear off.' I mean, yes you could let them grow out, but that is not a very pretty look. If you no longer want them, then you go need to soak them off in pure acetone. Don't ever pry them off, or force them off in any way. This WILL cause lots of damage to your natural nails. ANd same goes for a salon - don't let any tech force them off of you. This is NOT the way to do it.

    Are gel nails better? Thats debatable, and it depends on what you see as being 'better.' Gel nails are more natural looking, they are non-yellowing because they are non-porous (acrylics are porous), and they are more flexible, lift less often, and you can go a little less often in between fills - IF top quality gels are used. Cheap gels are trouble. Look for salons that use gels such as CND Brisa, Akzentz, LCN (the best!), and Young Nails. There are a few more good gel lines out there, but ot many. These are, IMO, the key players in the gel market, and they make the best gel products available.

    Also, remember that if you get gel nails, only gel is used in the application process. Liquid and Powder is NEVER used with gel nails. If the tech uses ANY L%26amp;P, then you are getting acrylic nails. Period.
    they're basically acrylic nails, but thinner, lighter, and the polissh wont come off.

    says so by my friend who has them

    i'd go with acrlylic

    they're great, no big difference between the 2

    solar- anywhere from 40-75 $$

    acrylic- anwherre from 15-40 $$


    Solar nails? Houston, TX?

    I just moved to Houston a week ago and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good nail shop that does solar nails. thanks.Solar nails? Houston, TX?
    i liv in houston well cypress same dif well i go 2 c%26amp; c n ails and they do a great job and hollywood nails good luck the both do solar wellSolar nails? Houston, TX?
    image mails at Baybrook Mall

    How can i take off my solar nails?

    im tired of them so whats an easy way to take them off or at least loosen them so i can take them offHow can i take off my solar nails?



    (these are 3 options)

    Solar nails????? whats the difference????

    I went and got nails done for my wedding and said i would like to have the most natural looking they said the solar nail was the best.........i did some internet research when i got home and for solar nails it say there are 2 different powders one white for the french manicure look and a pink for the nail when they did my nails they just added a white tip and then the pink powder for the nail bed now the only thing different they did as apposed to acrylic was the lotion and buffing at the end for shine so they dont need to be polished...did i get ripped off??? or is that how they do solar nails???Solar nails????? whats the difference????
    Yes, that's how they do solar nails. Solar nails is also better for your nails than acrylic becuase they don't shave off the first couple layers of your nail before it gets applied. It's your real nail underneath when you have solar nails. So when you decide to take them off, your real nail will be just as strong as before.Solar nails????? whats the difference????
    some places will just do the white tip and the pink powder...but real solar nails are 2 different powders. but you didn't really get ripped off. they really are the best fake nail!!
    ummm pretty much YES you got ripped off....if they just put a white tip on and the pink acrylic on the nail bed....those are not solar nails....they gave you a french manicure with a white nails is a product that is made by the designers of creative....there is no such thing as a solar nail....that person you went to just pretty much told you what you wanted to hear....the lotion and the buffing is nothing new or special...that goes along with the service....sorry to break the news to ya!!!! but if you dont get the truth from a reliable nail tech then you wont know

    What's better: Solar nails or Gel Nails?

    I'm leaving in an hour to get my nails done...what's better, solar or gel? I'm looking for strength, low maintenance and natural looking...any advice?

    Thanks!What's better: Solar nails or Gel Nails?
    Solar nails!! last longer, convenient, natural looking and no polish needed, can add a coat of clear if you like but no chipping or anything.What's better: Solar nails or Gel Nails?
    Gel is clear and runny, looks like gel. The entire process is applied in layers and cured in a UV lamp. There is no liquid and powder in gel. What are solar nails? They are acrylic. Liquid and powder. That is it. Nothing special. Acrylic is acrylic and Gel is gel.

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    Gel, they are so cool

    Were can we find the products for solar nails?

    I am trying to find the products, as well, to do my own nails and save some money.

    I clicked the link for that kit by Kiss, but that is acrylic nails, NOT solar nails.

    I have found some products on ebay, and there are some solar kits called Radical SolarNail Starter Pack, by Creative Nail Design.... u can check it out by searching on ebay or go straight to it at this link:鈥?/a>Were can we find the products for solar nails?
    This kit by Kiss has everything for an at home manicure鈥?/a>

    Is solar nails more money than acrylics?

    Solar nails ARE acrylic nails. If you pay more, you're being ripped off.Is solar nails more money than acrylics?
    they are more expensive but they are worth it.I got fake nails (acrylics) and my nails were so soft and damaged.Is solar nails more money than acrylics?
    it may depend on which salon you go to.

    Are Solar Nails Bad For You?

    I'm thinking about getting solar nails but I've heard that they are bad for you. I'm not quite sure if i want to get them anymore. Is is true?Are Solar Nails Bad For You?
    what are solar nails?! Acrylics can be very pretty and classy but if done to much or not taken care of they can thin out your real nails.

    Solar nails.. changing the color?

    I recently had my nails done with the new ';solar nails'; and I got the purple glitter acrylic for the tips... but i was just wondering, what if I want to change the color? Is that possible, with it being the actual acrylic that is purple? Like, can the just file the purple off, back down to the plastic tip and apply a new color of solar acrylic? Just wondering, because I like the purple, but I think I'd like to change it up once in a while. Thanks for any help!Solar nails.. changing the color?
    it sounds possible. just be careful when/if you do.Solar nails.. changing the color?
    You should go back to the salon and ask.
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  • Will solar nails pop off?

    I want to get my nails done and I am wondering if solar nails pop off when you don't get them filled? ThxWill solar nails pop off?
    Like any other acrylic nails, if not properly applied they can pop off. Just as a FYI: These so called ';Solar nails'; are acrylic nails. They are made from the same acrylic as ordinary acrylic nails. It is not a special product. Its not better, stronger or anything like that. They are ordinary acrylic nails. Simple as that.Will solar nails pop off?

    answer mine please?

    Will fake nails damage my natural nail? Which type is better--solar, gel, or acrylic?

    I've been wanting to get my nails done for awhile now. Naturally, I have strong, thick nails--when I paint them, they actually look like fake nails and people can't believe they're not. However, since I ride horses, the paint doesn't last and I have to re-paint constantly, which is a pain.

    So, I've started looking into fake nails. I'm not sure which type to get--I like the square, boxy look, and was thinking of doing zebra stripes on the tips.

    What are the long term and short effects to your nails? I'm leaving the country in four weeks and I don't know whether I'll be able to continue doing my nails where I'm going...but in a year or so when I come back I might want to pick up using fake nails again. I don't want to have to worry about taking care of my nails if they're ruined while I'm abroad--I won't be in a place that I can, so if they're going to be weak then I probably won't want to do it.

    So--which type is better and causes the least amount of damage, short term and long term?Will fake nails damage my natural nail? Which type is better--solar, gel, or acrylic?
    I currently have solar nails and love them. When they are taken off there is some short term damage that just has to grow out. Nothing major at all. If you have them taken off properly then there will be less damage also.Will fake nails damage my natural nail? Which type is better--solar, gel, or acrylic?
    none they both suck they all suck but they r cute so
    there cute and just let them fall off them self dont pull them otherwise your fine:]

    What is better acrylic nails or solar nails?

    Solar nails are acrylic, they are like a pink and white acrylic. The pink is the acrylic. Your nails are buffed to receive them, and they require filling every 2 - 3 weeks, much like acrylic or gel nails do. Each of these processes will damage your natural nail bed, can be costly commitment. A natural nail is always the healthiest for you. To grow your own nails and keep them strong, eat right, shape your nails correctly and avoid products that will dry out and discolor your natural nails.What is better acrylic nails or solar nails?
    Neither is better solar nails just look more natural, I've had them B4 they are too plain for me.What is better acrylic nails or solar nails?
    what are solar nails?

    Dint they do solar nails in London. I want to fix solar nails.?

    I was talking to a friend in Amsterdam and she said she wouldn't come see me today cos she needed to get her nails fixed and that she just solar nail and that solar nails are not available in London, i don't wanna believe that cos how can it be of good quality and not be in London. she said one could only fix solar nails in the USA and HOLLAND which i don't believe.

    help plsDint they do solar nails in London. I want to fix solar nails.?
    Solar nails are nothing but pink %26amp; white ACRYLIC nails. And, any tech that does P%26amp;W's can fix them up for you. It's not some kind of special nail, or chemicals. It's plain, ordinary acrylic. Trust me on that. People so very often are led to believe the name solar nails implies something new, and stronger than acrylic when the truth is that they ARE acrylic nails. Seriously, they are...Dint they do solar nails in London. I want to fix solar nails.?

    Well she isnt lying:鈥?/a>

    There not available in london yet but they will be very very soon.

    Hope i helped


    Which is better solar, gel or acrylic nails?

    I want to get my nails done but I'm wondering which one is better, solar, gel or acrylic nails. Whats the difference between them And Pros and Cons of each. thanksWhich is better solar, gel or acrylic nails?
    Personally, I like gel nails best. They are natural looking and have a high gloss shine that lasts for weeks at a time. You can go about a week longer between fills with gel nails which is a bonus! Solar nails are also a good choice. They are stronger than acrylic nails, and look nicer too. They also cost more than acrylic nails. My favorite is gel, and solar nails would be my second choice, then acrylic.Which is better solar, gel or acrylic nails?
    Solar. And you can get them really they look more natural..

    Whats better solar nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails?

    whats better and will not damnage nails as bad?Whats better solar nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails?
    Solar nails ARE acrylic nails. So the question really is, 'what's better - acrylic or gel nails.' There are several differences between the two, though they are closely related to one another chemically. Basically, acrylic nails are great if you don't plan on keeping them on a long time. This is because acrylic can be easily soaked off of your natural nails. This is not the case with gel nails. UV gel nail enhancements must be filed off. And to do that properly - without damaging the natural nails, it takes a highly skilled, and experienced tech who knows how to tell the difference between the gel product, and the natural nails and will file no further than the gel - and into your nails. It is very easy for an unskilled tech to file too far and go right through the gel, and into your nails which - if filed too far, will ruin your nails.

    But overall, gel is more natural looking, it's odorless, non-toxic, and it's also durable and flexible which means less breakage and cracking of the nail. Acrylics are also very durable, though not as realistic looking as UV gel nails. Gel nails are also more expensive than acrylics because the products used in the application of UV gel nails are much more expensive than acrylic products. So, I guess it's what you are looking for. Do you want to keep them on for a while? And if so, are you willing to pay the higher costs of having gel nails (fills are also more expensive)? If you are OK with that, then gels are a good choice for you. If you answered no to those questions, then acrylic is probably a better choice.

    Either way - good luck!Whats better solar nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails?
    i've never heard of solar nails.. but gel nails deffinitaly dont damage your nails as much as acrylic nails. honestly acrylic nails damaged my nails so much they donot even grown as long as they used to grow.
    Solar, best quality.
    whatever you do .. don't do acrylics...i've been getting them done for years and years and my real nails are horrible!!!! i'd go with the gels...there much more easy on your real nails ... %26lt;3
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  • Does Solar Oil(for nails) really work?

    I have seriously dry cuticles and thin nails. I've heard that Solar Oil works really well for conditioning the bed of the nail as well as helps the nail grow stronger. Has anyone used Solar Oil? Does it actually work?

    I've also heard taking fish oil helps with your skin not being so dry and helps with your nails, skin, and hair...?Does Solar Oil(for nails) really work?
    i use opi nail oil called avoplex its really good :))Does Solar Oil(for nails) really work?
    Who Are Creative?


    Since 1979, Creative Nail Design has developed professional products and services for the beauty industury, concentrating on products for hands, feet and nails. They are originally an American company, who are now just as popular all over the world, including the UK. They are one of the most popular and I must say the best brand of products for hands, feet and nails in the industury. If you go to salons quite regularly or are in the beauty industury, it is likely you will have heard or even used Creative Nail Design. I use their products for all things hands, feet and nails and will never use anything else as I know the standards of other products don't even come close.


    What is Solar Oil?


    Solar Oil is a synergistic blend of four naturally light essential oils along with Vitamin E, it is designed to deeply penetrate and protect both natural and acrylic nails as well as your skin. It comes in a more liquidous form than other oils like massage oils and cooking oils.

    Solar Oil contains Jojoba Oil which helps Vitamin E penetrate deeply into the skin, this prevents cellular damage and eliminates visible signs of aging, so is good to start using whilst young. Jojoba Oil penetrates Rice Bran Oil and Sweet Almond Oil into natural nails and acrylic nails and this keeps them tough and flexible. Repeated use drives oils penetrates to product deeper into your nails and skin therefore maximizing the benefits and preventing problems.

    SolarOil has won the Best Cuticle Oil for the third year running in the prestigious In-Style 2008 Best Beauty Awards which gives it the cult Hall of Fame recognition.


    Use and Effects


    It is recommended for use on natural nails to keep them looking and feeling healthy as it promotes healthy nail growth. It is also a must have for acrylic or gel nails as it helps to prevent them from drying out and lifting. It helps your natural nail underneath remain strong and healthy. When you get acrylic nails done at a salon, it takes 24 - 48 hours for the product to fully cure, even though it feels dry immediately. If you regularly get yours done, you will know what I am talking about, and if you don't I'm sorry it seems like I'm babbling about nothing! You should use Solar Oil three to four times in the first 24 hours of getting your nails done, which will keep oxygen out of the product, which is what can cause those nasty air bubbles in the acrylic and it also results in faster cure rates which in the long run results in longer lasting nails. After a while when you have acrylic on your nails, it can lift up at the edges, this is due to the plate no longer receiving oil and moisture from the nail bed. When your dried out plate comes in contact with water or moisture, it sucks it up, making the plate expand, the plate then dries out and contracts and the plate then begins peeling and looses its shape, pulling away from the nail that it's attached to and this then results in cracking and breaking. Solar Oil prevents this from happening, all from just using it a few times a day on the nails. Solar Oil also ensures the the acrylic nail remains strong and flexible. Solar Oil is designed to penetrate through the acrylic or gel to act as a shock absorber and a lubricant for the product, stopping it breaking or lifting.

    I use this on my own nails, which I have acrylic nails on and also where I work at a beauty salon and always apply it to a clients nails after a manicure and pedicure to make sure the nail is rehyrated and kept healthy. I also always use it on clients with acrylic or gel nails and recommend them to purchase it, and any client who has, is always coming back and agrees that it really makes a difference to not having it and think it's fantastic.

    The bottle looks quite similar to a nailvarnish bottle and you apply it with a brush that looks like that of a nail varnish brush, so it is very simple to use, and unlike nailvarnish, you don't have to worry about it going past the area you meant to apply it to. You should apply it to your nails as much as you can, preferably at least twice daily. You could apply it as many times as you want, but try and aim for at least that. Apply it to your cuticles and rub into the rest of your nail. You could even use this to massage with. It can also be used on an dry areas on your body as it has a high moisture content it is fabulous for dry areas, you can even use it on your lips to prevent or relieve chapping or dryness. The best time to use Solar Oil is before going to bed so the oil can really penetrate. It is also good to use 10 minutes before getting into water to help seal the nail plate to prevent moisture absorbing.

    When you apply it to your nails, it doesn't feel greasy or drip off. If you have severe dryness you can apply extra and wait for it to absorb, but this will obviously feel a little greasy straight away. Solar Oil absorb

    Which is cheaper: solar nails or pink and whites?

    ????Which is cheaper: solar nails or pink and whites?
    Solar Nails = Pink and Whites. They are the same, exact thing. Solar Nails is a term used mostly by discount salons. They will often try to make them sound as though they are better, stronger, non-yellowing, and that they will last longer too as though it's some new kind of nail product. It isn't It's acrylic, and so are P%26amp;W's. If you want to get technical, SolarNail is a product line made by CND (Formerly known as Creative Nail Design) which includes - among other thing, acrylic monomer %26amp; powders called SolarNail. The SolarNail monomer (AKA, the 'liquid') was first introduced by Creative back in the late 1970's and has only recently been dropped from the SolarNail line of products. Only the monomer is no longer being made. The other products, including the SolarNail powders are still being made to this day. Either way, the term has been around for some time now, and it refers to Pink %26amp; White acrylic nails. Solar Nails are not any better, but that all depends on the products the salon is using. Most discount salons are well known for their use of inferior, and very cheap acrylic products in order to save money and keep prices low. In that case, these nails are inferior to ones which are made using high quality acrylic products which many reputable salons use. Avoid discount salons if at all possible.

    I hope this helps.Which is cheaper: solar nails or pink and whites?

    that doesn't make much sense...

    you need to be more specific...

    you could try google or well, yahoo, they might show sum websites that have things like prices